Frequently asked questions

Can I review photos before anyone sees them?

Yes, the host has the ability to delete any photos that are deemed unsuitable or inappropriate before they become available for viewing. We also have filters that prevent inappropriate photo's from being visible.

Do guests need to download an app?

No! Guests simply scan a QR and they can start taking photos using our disposable camera for events. There's no need to download an app.

My event is not due for a couple of months. Do I need to purchase already?

Although it is preferred to purchase on time, it's not necessary. To ensure we can plan the right resources, we prefer the purchase is made ahead of time. Also, you probably need to order some prints from your printing vendor. It's best to do that in time too.

Do I keep all photos?

Yes definitely! All photos taken by your guests will be added to your event album. As organizer, you can then download all the photos in one go or individually.

How many pictures can guests take?

Just like a disposable camera there is a set limit of photos each guest can take. You can fully customize this limit. This ensures a diverse collection of images and encourages guests to be more selective in their shots. You can also choose to go with out unlimited option that allows for unlimited pictures for each guest.

Can my event be multiple days?

Yes! You can set up your event to be multiple days. The pictures will then end up in the same album.

Can the organizer see and manage the photos in real-time?

Yes. While your guests are using our disposable camera, you can already view the pictures. This way you- or someone else can monitor the pictures as well as already share them to social media.

Can guests see each other’s photos?

It depends on your choice. After a specific time set by you, all the photos taken by your guests will be revealed to everyone. You can also choose to create a private album by not revealing the photos to your event to your guests.

Do you need internet to take photos?

Your guests will need internet to join the event. Once joined an internet connection is not required. The instant camera saves the photos on the device in case there is no internet. Once the connection restores, it wil automatically upload the photos to the shared album.

Can I download all the photos?

Yes, you can download all the photos in one go or individually.

How do guests access the Lense camera?

Guests simply scan the QR code provided by Lense. It opens the Lense camera on their phone. There's no need to download any apps for your guests.

Can guests save or share their photos?

Yes, after the event, guests can save or share their favorite photos with family and friends.

Why should I use Lense?

Using disposable cameras at your wedding can be a fun and creative way to capture the memories of your special day. It can add a unique and personal touch to your photos while encouraging your guests to be present and engaged in the moment.