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Overal ter wereld leggen mensen hun herinneringen vast met Lense ❤️

Rated 4.8 ⭐ based on 1000+ reviews

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Mat G
12 juni 2024
Super easy to set up an event and for people to connect and add their photos. We used it for our wedding and it was a great way to collect some fun snaps from everyone without the hassle of having to develop a bag full of disposable cameras (considerably cheaper too!). Also appreciated being able to directly upload pictures which helped some people use up their remaining snaps from photos taken outwith the app.
10 juni 2024
Northern Canada
Great app. Easy to use highly recommended for any occasion
9 juni 2024
Such a great app to collect memories. Used it for my bachelorette party and everyone loved it.
Sinéad O’Connor
8 juni 2024
Brilliant experience using the app photos are so nice to have and it is so easy to use and set up. Highly recommend
8 juni 2024
So much fun to watch afterwards and was appreciated by everyone!
Conor L.
4 juni 2024
North Carolina
This app has the functionality we were looking for tie together our event! It was easy to set up and lots of fun was had.
Ten H
29 mei 2024
We used Lense for my bachelorette and it was great! I love that guests don’t have to download an app and the camera reminder is conveniently on guests locked screens. There is an option to upload pre taken photos as well which is a nice touch. The app also has the option of a disposable film edit without the hassle of figuring out settings or needing extra equipment. We can’t wait to capture our wedding using Lense in the next couple of weeks!
lindsay s
26 mei 2024
Easy to use and having all the pics in one spot was great! No waiting for everyone to share pics from the night!
26 mei 2024
I love the whole concept! I tried out a test album for my sisters high school event and totally loved seeing all the pictures come in!! I will definitely be using Lense for my next big event!!
Nathan S
26 mei 2024
Waterford, Ireland
Bloody brilliant app. Used it for our graduation and was a great way to capture final memories together while all being separated etc. super easy to use and all the people loved it. We’ll be using it again in a few months for another event
22 mei 2024
Grand Rapids, MI
Used Lense for a second time at my Bachelorette party! I absolutely loved it! It was so easy for people to use, we had printed the QR codes on cute photos, and it was easy for people to access and use throughout the weekend! It was fun trying to figure out how to make the photos last through the weekend. I really enjoy that the photos are full photos (Not just squares) when they're revealed, and that there's the original version and the "film" version as well! Excited to use this again for my wedding next week!
Edwina b
21 mei 2024
App was great. People loved looking at photos in real time. App easy to use and cost effective. Definitely using it again!
20 mei 2024
Really easy to use and photos looked great. All who used the app were notified to view photos and easy to download. Would use again.
20 mei 2024
I used Lense for a friends wedding. It was really fun to see everyone’s perspective of the wedding the next day. It’s a great app to use for any occasion. It was fun and easy to use.
Kacie F.
18 mei 2024
It was easy to set up and easy to use! I highly recommend and will be using it for the class reunion.
17 mei 2024
Very good user experience and seamless! It was easy to use and the best feature would be that guests don't have to install an app to use it.
16 mei 2024
Kearney, NE
I used Lense for a family gathering! It was PERFECT! Everyone was able to take pictures from their point of view for the day. The next day we all were able to relive the moments and have pictures of all of our memories. We were even able to send photos to ourself and as the coordinator, I was able to download all of the photos at once and share with everyone. This is the perfect app to use for any occasion. It was so easy!
Gage G
14 mei 2024
Virginia Beach, VA
Used for a birthday party and the app worked great. Loved that the guests who used it were not forced to download the app. Great price for a great product. Will use again for my wedding later this year!
Kailee E.
13 mei 2024
I loved this app! It was so easy to navigate and guests loved it too. Will definitely recommend to friends!
Becky and Ben
12 mei 2024
England, UK
Easy to use, guests loved the experience.
Marcus and Ju Mei
10 mei 2024
Sydney, Australia
Such an easy and amazing app to use, guests loved it so much they're asking us about it for their own functions! Thank you!
8 mei 2024
Easy to set up and was exactly what we were looking for, we wanted to use disposable cameras but this is was a much quicker, easier and cheaper way to do it.
Nicolas Dominguez
7 mei 2024
Bogota, Colombia
it was the perfect activity for a birthday celebration, we had fun and we have de memories forever
Till S.
7 mei 2024
Bischofszell, Switzerland
Super easy to create an event. We used it for our wedding and a lot of our guests started using it before we could even explain how to use it. We simply put the QR code on the bar and menu. It was great fun to see the pictures for the first time and we have been looking at them over and over again. Definitely recommending this app!
7 mei 2024
Top app easy to use. I like tools that do what they promise.
Mikaela kluver
6 mei 2024
Pittsburgh, 2024
This was a super easy app to use and convenient for everyone to use at our family gathering! This was our test run before our wedding and we were very happy with it.
Ayla p
3 mei 2024
New Zealand
We loved the app! We used it for our wedding and have had great pleasure in seeing our photos. The guests loved it and I’m sure they will be using it in the future
30 april 2024
Great! Appreciate the customer service for answering questions before the event!
28 april 2024
Good experience, easy to use, email that follows. Pictures looks nice as camera is quite good. Disposable filter is nice too!
26 april 2024
Very practical and intuitive. I like that it has the unlimited photo option.
Betsy K.
26 april 2024
St. Louis
Lense allows us to take pictures from our guests' POV but also upload other pictures they may have saved on their phone's camera roll. We did not want to limit them on how many pictures they can share with us and Lense allowed us to do just that.
Leah P
24 april 2024
Cleveland, OH
The Lense app is a fantastic “disposable camera app,” it was fun to see everyone’s pictures! I especially appreciate that no app download is required for guests to take pictures, and that I can set a photo limit so we’re not bombarded. Thank you, Lense!
23 april 2024
We had a special family outing and tried out Lense in preparation for an upcoming wedding. We loved how easy it was to set up! And everyone was able to contribute to the memories! We highly recommend Lense!
22 april 2024
South Africa
Great concept and good overall experience and funtionality.
Tiffany L.
22 april 2024
So easy to use and so glad my family and friends were able to get special memories of our day. 10/10 recommend.
22 april 2024
It was amazing!! Me and my friends had such a great time and they all loved the app
21 april 2024
Easy to use and great for events to have all photos kept in one place. Love the upload to gallery feature also
18 april 2024
Such a good idea! Lovely and easy to use
Ruud O
17 april 2024
Very nice app and really easy to use
Lewis Oaten
17 april 2024
Tried this and 2 other event camera apps. This is the one we preferred!
Fiona S.
15 april 2024
It was really cool, everyone was excited for the photos to be published :) It would be nice in German!
14 april 2024
I loved it !! It was a great experience. Everyone liked the concept of the app!
Andrew R
12 april 2024
Really enjoyed this app. The idea made it very fun for our guests to share their memories of the day with us.
12 april 2024
A great, lovely app that makes it fun. I'm looking forward to many more events
Vicky A
10 april 2024
App was super simple for everyone to use, love how you were able to keep it in the Lock Screen and also choose different filters. Will definitely be using again! Thanks
9 april 2024
I used this for the first time! Loved how I was able to have multiple people capture their moments and then all be shared! Definitely will recommend and be using this again!
Sarah M
9 april 2024
Long Beach, CA
I’ve used it twice now, once for an anniversary party and once for a baby shower. Both times we were able to get so many pictures that one person would just not have been able to do on their own. Even got to make a photo book with one event! Already planning the next one
8 april 2024
Super easy to set up, really cool that others don’t have to download the app, they can just scan the QR and go.
8 april 2024
Everything works as it should, good app!
8 april 2024
App is great for weddings, if you have limited space for Photo-Stations etc. Also it avoids the manual collection of photos afterwards. German language would be great ;)
Aron P.
2 april 2024
Perfect app for my wedding party. 10/10.
2 april 2024
Grand Rapids, MI
It was so easy to use, easy to set up, had so many ways to customize! I love that you get both regular and film versions of your photos when the event is over!
1 april 2024
Makkelijk te downloaden en in te stellen. Ga deze app zeker vaker gebruiken!
Danica S
30 maart 2024
The app was so easy to use and download. Friendly for both young and older users. Would recommend for anyone wanting to cherish special moments and memories!
27 maart 2024
Easy to use and lovely results! I love it, and I will use it again for my next birthday party!
26 maart 2024
Easy to use. No download for guests but person giving out the code needs to download the app Some delay after taking the picture and you get an email for the album after
Levy A
26 maart 2024
New Zealand
Extremely easy to download, create events and use the app. Wonderful idea for an app and terrific execution
Monica M
25 maart 2024
La Porte, TX
Wonderful and easy app. Wish did have option to add filter to individual photos. Or option to snip a video. Some photos depending on person's camera did look blurry but love all the photos we did capture for my baby girls wedding.
25 maart 2024
the Lense app enabled us to capture unforgettable moments of our graduation party. Highly recommended!!
23 maart 2024
Absolute breeze to work with, loved the option of using filters as well!
20 maart 2024
Charlottesville, VA
It was delightful! Easy to use and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. I do wish you could put the filter on individual photos vs all of them. But it was a fun experience!
20 maart 2024
New Albany, IN
I tested this app out as a presenting to use for our wedding in October, and it was amazing! We had a trip with friends and I loved seeing everyone’s Candids and artful shots! I will absolutely be using it for the wedding too!!
19 maart 2024
Really easy to use and had a bank of pictures the next day to look through
19 maart 2024
New Jersey
Easy to use for host and guests, photo and video options and filters easy to work.
Hannah S
16 maart 2024
Canberra, Australia
Awesome app! Super user friendly! All my guests had a great time capturing memories!!
12 maart 2024
Works GREAT! Easy setup, and intuitive interface. Looking forward to the next event!
Diana Luz
11 maart 2024
Lovely app! I used for a school event and everyone was amazed! I’m sure many parents loved the idea and will use it for their own personal events. It’s so friendly and easy to use.
10 maart 2024
Easy for everyone to use and greate creative idea to see from guests POV
Louise R
4 maart 2024
Such a fun and easy way to capture memories together as a group… plus super easy to use, set up and share… will be using again for our next girls trip away…
Danielle R
4 maart 2024
This is such a fun app especially for big groups doing events. Love that we don’t have to do the giant group messages to share pictures.
Fiona P
29 februari 2024
baden Württemberg
The idea is very cool and worked great even after a long time of setting it up. The function that the lens is displayed on the lock screen is the best thing about it.
Jorge mora
27 februari 2024
Geat excellent app recommended
Jo L.
24 februari 2024
Phoenix, AZ
We used this for our wedding and it was a perfect addition to have a gallery for all of our guests to share!
Andy Clark
23 februari 2024
Worked brilliantly, and made our event perfect.
Mollie H
21 februari 2024
Scarborough ME
Wonderful! Easy to use + esthetically pleasing. Makes sharing great memories easy!
21 februari 2024
Alberta, Canada
Lense was very easy to use and understand. My guest found this to be a great experience. My feedback would be to offer more filters to differentiate these photos with photos taken with a regular phone camera. An effect to look more like Polaroid photos.
Kyrstie S
19 februari 2024
Love how easy it is to set up and the costing is extremely reasonable. Our friends LOVED it! The fact you can set a limit per person too means people are sensible when using it. Love how you can choose to have a disposable film effect on the photos too! Great app!
Kenyata C
19 februari 2024
Super cute, easy and fun. I loved the concept of everyone being involved to help with pictures and being able to see what was taken. Will definitely be using it again.
19 februari 2024
Florida, Philadelphia
Was easy to use did everything it said it did, not one complaint rare gem
Gabbie H
15 februari 2024
This was the easiest disposal camara app I've ever used , Everyone loved it
Silvia T
13 februari 2024
Monterrey Mexico
This was the easiest disposable camera to use, love the concept
Asam E.
13 februari 2024
It was an easy and fast way to have an insight perspective from each and every guest. I am very pleased and will advertise this on my next big party
Madalina C
12 februari 2024
Super easy to use, very convenient and a great addition to any event. Everyone is so excited about the pica, will use it at any events, for sure ✨
7 februari 2024
Great app and concept! Only downside is that it’s not really clear when you have taken a picture. The user does not get a clear notification that the picture has been taken.
Toni T
6 februari 2024
Medicine Hat AB
Very simple and easy to use, perfect way for guest to share photos and capture memories from their point of view
Wallace S
6 februari 2024
Atlanta, Georgia
Such a great experience using this for a dinner party that I hosted. Everyone loved it and it was so easy to use!
Jasmine C.
3 februari 2024
Houston, TX
I love how easy this app is to use! I enjoyed capturing each moment and saving to one digital file. I will definitely be using this app for my future events
1 februari 2024
Great way to capture photos of your event, from the very people attending!
1 februari 2024
very good app for events
Angela M
30 januari 2024
Winnipeg, Canasa
Easy to use for people to share photos!
Hayley S
29 januari 2024
Tampa, FL
This app is great for groups! We did a batchlorette, rehearsal dinner, and wedding event! It was amazing to see and have pictures from our guests during this special times (:
25 januari 2024
Great app - nice to have everyone’s POV together in pictures
24 januari 2024
Great app and amazing way to get a different view of your events
21 januari 2024
Loved it, such a fun thing and friend's enjoyed it
Ben M
20 januari 2024
Plymouth, England
Easy to use
18 januari 2024
South Africa Cape Town
Great app!
Sandra F.
18 januari 2024
Such a fun idea! Loved it :)
Lauren P
18 januari 2024
Super easy to set up, really great concept.
18 januari 2024
Very easy to use!
17 januari 2024
This app is exactly what I have always been looking for. It brought a lot of joy to the guests and it was very funny to see which moments are recorded during an event. I wish this app was also available in German
Ben Mumford
17 januari 2024
Plymouth, England
Very easy to use
11 januari 2024
Selangor, Malaysia
Very easy to use with affordable price. A must have for your event.
11 januari 2024
I really enjoyed using this app. It has quite intuitive menu and when my event finished, everything worked as it should.
Adrian G
11 januari 2024
Perth australia
That was super simple and easy to set up my event, I couldn’t believe how easy it was for people to send photos in as well. It was such a hype, would definitely use it again!
10 januari 2024
Easy to use
9 januari 2024
I used this app for my 18th birthday party and it was wonderful. It's so easy to use and a great way to get photos from everyone without making it complicated!
8 januari 2024
New York, NY
Great app
Brendan D
8 januari 2024
Trying out the app in anticipation of our wedding. It worked great and everyone was able to access the photos easily.
Conn R
5 januari 2024
Top app
31 december 2023
An amazing app, used it for my wedding, I paid to have unlimited photos and everyone loved using it, all photos uploaded the next day. Really worth using if you have a special occasion.
25 december 2023
Trialled for wedding and honestly 10/10 to use for all guests. So easy to use
21 december 2023
So easy to use great app!
Yasmine dK
21 december 2023
I really loved it. Easy to use. Will definetely use it again
20 december 2023
A great option to make the party more attractive! I recommend!
19 december 2023
Used the app for my birthday party, it was so much fun to do and a great way to capture the whole day from all the guests perspectives! Loved it, will definitely use again! only Android users could not access the link
Morgan M.
17 december 2023
Detroit, MI
I used this for a surprise birthday party and the photos turned out great! Everyone loved taking pictures all night.
6 december 2023
It was a great way to capture the day. Easy to use. It didn't work on everyone's phone's all the time, but generally it was fantastic. Would definitely use again for a future event.
6 december 2023
Pretty fun and mostly simple. I just wish no Google/Apple account was required as some people couldn't participate this way. E-Mail Login would be nice.
5 december 2023
LOVED IT AND WILL USE AGAIN! Only I wish that there was an option to share the pictures during the event too!
29 november 2023
Easy to use and fun flicking through everyones pics the next day 🙂
Pip W.
26 november 2023
Den Haag
It’s inexpensive, yet makes the most memorable moments possible to keep.
20 november 2023
Cape Town, South Africa
Loved using the app, super easy to use and made the trip more fun!
20 november 2023
Great app, everyone was very enthusiastic and we will definitely use the app again at the next party! Very user-friendly
18 november 2023
Amazing App! Lovely to have for everyone at the weddings. Everyone loved how they looked afterwards!
14 november 2023
This is an amazing Idea. So much fun and a great way to capture the event in a different light. Everyone enjoyed seeing the album revel the next day and relive the memories. We will definitely use this again!!
Sarah M
14 november 2023
I wanted a fun way to remember the upcoming holiday parties and found this instead during my online search of cheap disposable cameras and affordable film developing options. I tested the app out using the free version in a small gathering and it worked out fine. I was afraid the 25 picture limit would be too small, but it's a good amount to encourage guests to snap a picture here and there while still being present during the festivities. It's easy to use and simple enough for older guests to use without issue. The automatic release of the album of pictures everyone took is such a great feature! I'm excited to use it for future parties!
Mary Marcello
13 november 2023
Asbury park NJ
This was such a great app to use after our photographer left. It also allowed our guests to see everything that they may have not attended. I love the new upload feature, some guests had issues with the app loading and this allowed them to share their photos after the event ended.
13 november 2023
Orlando, Fl
We used the Lense app during our son's wedding and got tons of pictures we never would have captured on our own! It was so much fun for us and those who attended the wedding reception! We scheduled it to open after the event and my son and his bride relived the reception through the eyes of their guests in the limo on the way to their honeymoon suite! We will definitely use this again at future events!
Jill K.
13 november 2023
Super app, works really well
Nicolle D
13 november 2023
Finleyville, PA
It was easy to use when it worked. The QR didn't seem to scan for many people, but the shots we got still made it worth it.
Hannah e
12 november 2023
Really great experience, will be using again!!
12 november 2023
All of my guests had a blast. It was all too convenient and more cost effective than buying disposable cameras and getting the film developed. Plus all your guests have access to save electronically. It was so fun to go through the photos the next day!
Chris Deputy
10 november 2023
Indianapolis, IN
Absolutely perfect way to capture your wedding from your guests' perspective. The cost is nothing compared to the memories. Everybody loved it.
Steph K
6 november 2023
Kettering - England
We absolutely loved the use of the app and the pictures our guest took from our wedding! We just wish we had made it more obvious to guests to use it! Would totally recommend! Small price for a huge amount of sentimental value! Also love that when the pictures are revealed that it tells you who took the picture and the time too!
6 november 2023
All our guests (even 60+) were able to use the QR code. Everyone loved the idea and took so many pictures! It's so nice to already have a few party pictures ready because the professional photo's always take a while. I loved using the app and it is worth every penny!
Lauren Ross
6 november 2023
Very user friendly! Fun little add to your event to see it through the guests eyes! Will recommend to future party planners
6 november 2023
Used this at my Christmas works do as a test for my wedding, it was an absolute hit and very easy to use! Cannot wait to use it at the wedding! 100% recommend!
Holli Q
5 november 2023
Absolute worth every cent. Was a huge hit at our wedding and worth every cent!! 🥹
Neil B
4 november 2023
Melbourne, Australia
Simple and seamless. We had an event and used Lense for our guests to capture the night for us. Awesome App. Would highly recommend.
2 november 2023
Washington (State )
What a great app! My good friend told me about it! I was goi g to purchase about 8 disposable cameras to put on each table and ask my guests to take pictures and then just drop in my basket and I will turn it in for developing. What a time and $$ saver! The pics were great and my guests also wanted to know how to get it! Thank you so much, it was for my 60th Birthday !
Gloria C
1 november 2023
Worth every penny! Best and easiest way to capture memories!
1 november 2023
Used this at my wedding and loved it. Very easy to use
Wolter N.
1 november 2023
It is a great app and I can recommend it to everyone.
Frank A.
31 oktober 2023
We used Lense for our Halloween party and it was a big hit! The shared album made it so much fun viewing everyone's pictures.
Dylan P.
11 oktober 2023
Pretty awesome and straight forward! Easy to use and they even let you download both the original images and the disposable camera filter effect ones. They're all cropped to 1:1 ratio making it easy to upload to Instagram.
Steffen v.
6 oktober 2023
Thank you for such a great app experience; we used your app during our wedding and got so many extra memories that we as bride and groom weren't able to be part of throughout the evening. It’s a funny story actually, because we were considering the option to buy 10 disposable cameras for the guests to use during the wedding. And we thought that the price was quite expensive, and to be honest, the fact that we encountered "Lense app" was pure coincidence. But it turned out, it was just what we were looking for. And so easy to be part of for our guests. We included the QR code to participate in our wedding program so that our guests had easy access to the app.
Isabella C.
30 september 2023
Absolutely loved using the app for my hen! I am also doing it for my wedding in two weeks and have ordered business cards with the QR code to hand out to guests at the start of the ceremony. I love the idea of having the guests' perspective. The app was such a great addition to the hens party we planned, and all the guests absolutely loved it! It was great for the bride to be to have an album of photos straight away, and we just loved it so much!
Matthew W.
27 september 2023
Used this app for a small wedding party of 6 people which was perfect for the free version, however if you want to add more people, you will have to pay.
Mandy S.
15 september 2023
top app 1 word amazing!!
12 augustus 2023
I used Lense for my birthday party and it was a hit! The app is so easy to use, and the fact that guests didn't need to download anything made it even better.
9 augustus 2023
We loved the use of the Lense app at our wedding to capture ‘in the moment’ style pictures from our guests. The QR code was simple and easy to use with no guests struggling to understand how it worked! Price was fair, and I found setting up the event easy to do on the app. The only suggestion I would make is for it to be easier for people to save and download the images once they are released to everyone. Possibly something for improvement. Will for sure be using the app again at my next event!
Sarah and George
1 juli 2023
Lense made it so easy for us to capture and share our wedding day memories. Our guests loved the simplicity of the app and the limited photos feature helped us focus on the most important moments.
3 juni 2023
I used Lense for my friend's bachelorette party and it was a game changer. We were able to capture all the fun moments without having to worry about someone being the designated photographer.